Monday, January 2, 2012

Golden Rock thanks you (and you, and etc.)

Gee, we leave the back door open for a few minutes and the Calgary Cassette Preservation Society slips in and takes over the blog. Sheesh.

Ah, but seriously. We're thrilled the CCPS is taking over the long-neglected Golden Rock archives. Look for all the past posts to trickle out over at the CCPS over the coming days/weeks/months--plus some Enemy Mind Feel rarities we've been sleeping on for well over two years. (We hang our heads in shame. Sorry, Ken!)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Golden Rock over its lifetime. Without your generosity, and willingness to dust off old tapes and vinyl, it wouldn't have happened.

Now, on to 2012!


The Golden Rock Board of Governors.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Attention Golden Rock Readers:

I am pleased to announce that the Calgary Cassette Preservation Society (CCPS) has acquired the blog known as Golden Rock (GR). Effective immediately, all posts and downloadable content at GR are being managed by CCPS. In the coming weeks, the posts on GR will be migrated to the CCPS blog. 

What does this mean to you, the reader? CCPS is now your one-stop shop for all things CalgCon. It also means a slightly broader mandate for the CCPS, as we'll be posting more than just tapes - and removing the previously-used miscellany tag from non-cassette posts. It also also means that we get to coast through the next month or so by re-posting all of GR's stuff to the CCPS blog. We'll likely be adding much of the trademark commentary that you've come to enjoy/be annoyed by from the CCPS. And maybe re-organizing the posts somewhat. But we will be working to keep the comments that were appended to some of the posts by People In The Know. Actually, the overall plans right now are a bit hazy but - as it's New Year's Day - ambitious.

On behalf of the CCPS and all of its members in good standing (not the disgraced ones - and they know who they are), I would like to thank Golden Rock for all that it has done for nostalgia and the Calgary scene. Golden Rock was a huge inspiration to us at the CCPS - so we're going to ignore that fact that the site has been dormant for the past two years and has basically slid into obscurity, leaving us to do the heavy lifting (nostalgia does get heavy, especially when fuelled by beer).

Please visit the Calgary Cassette Preservation Society blog or Facebook page for all your listening/reminiscing needs. Any correspondence can be directed to me at

Gene Poole
Calgary Cassette Preservation Society